Product Freezing

Product Freezing

image of a manufacturer holding a thermometer in a factory 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注)’ storage facilities can meet all of your temperature control needs. Whether your product arrives frozen, or requires freezing upon arrival, 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) can manage your requirements.

战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offers two methods of freezing products. Room freezing when time is not a concern and blast freezing for when you need products frozen fast.

Blast Freezing:

● This process involves arranging products with maximum surface area exposure to circulate airflow at temperatures as low as -40°C/F.

● This allows for rapid freezing and ensures that the product is frozen to its core, maintaining freshness until the product is ready for transport and usage. This prolongs the shelf life of products without compromising quality or taste.

Room freezing:

● Room freezing is a relaxed concept similar to blast freezing. It is the process of slowly chilling fresh inventory to a frozen state, at a constant temperature of -18oC/0F.

● We pride ourselves in providing modern, state-of-the-art warehousing facilities that incorporate room freezing tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We help match customers up to the exact warehouse space and temperatures they need.

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