Multi Temp Storage


Someone holding a thermometer No matter the temperature, 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offer customizable temperature solutions to meet all your needs from Frozen to Dry Storage (-40°C/F to +2°C / +65F), the greatest range offered in the industry! Our customizable range allows us to store products ranging from ice cream to confectionary and everything in-between. With over 40 years experience, our customers can rest assured that each of our warehouses are monitored 24-hours per day, guaranteeing safety and security for your products.

Frozen Storage (-40°C/-20°F - 28°F)

● 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offer frozen storage facilities in all major cities across Canada .

●Frozen Storage is required for product that is and needs to remain frozen such as ice cream, poultry, consumer ready products, and raw materials

●Product can either be brought to 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) frozen or we can freeze product for you prior to storage, either through blast freezing or room freezing

Cooler Storage (-2°C/29°F - 4°C/40°F)

● 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offers Cooler Storage facilities in all major cities across Canada .

● Cooler storage is recommended for products that need to be chilled such as beef, poultry, produce, juices, dairy and luncheon meats.

Confectionary Storage (12C/55F- 18C/65F)

● 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offer rooms tailored to confectionary storage across Canada .

● Confectionary Storage temperature is maintained for confectionary items such as chocolate bars, packaged chocolates, cookies and candy.

Dry/Ambient Storage (up to +23C/75F)

● 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offers Dry/Ambient Storage facilities in all major cities across Canada .

● Dry/Ambient Storage is +23C/+75F and is recommended for any storage where unique temperature requirements are not needed

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