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We are a recognized leader of PRW services in Ontario, with a record of many warehousing industry firsts which include but are not limited to: providing EDI to customers, RF inventory tracking and operating 24 hours per day. We understand that customer access is a necessity that needs to be aligned with the demands of our customers, so we have worked to ensure the most reliable, convenient, and accommodating customer access solutions. In fact, customer inventory access has never been easier or faster, with our online customer access provided by Accellos E-Vista. Customers are able to view shipment and receipt details, as well as inventory balances, and history on demand, whenever they require them. Your needs are our goals.

● 24/7 access to shipment, receipt, inventory and history through our web portal interface

● EDI linkage

● ASN Notifications

● State-of-the-art WMS system

● State-of-the-art monitoring system

● Bar coding (printing, labeling, scanning)

● RF equipped


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