Tempering & Incubation

Tempering & Incubation

image of a thermometer At 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) we set ourselves apart by being frontrunners in introducing and incorporating new technology and services to meet the needs of our clients. While 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) is known for “going cold” we manage a full range of temperature controls including... warming.

Tempering is the process of controlled warming of products to minimize the loss of moisture associated with natural warming and to allow frozen products to be delivered to your customers ready for processing or consumption. For best results use 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) transportation services so the tempering process can be continued on the road.

Various types of frozen foods can benefit from tempering/warming before they are delivered to your end customer or consumer.

For example,

● Processors (beef, chicken, pork and turkey) can benefit from tempering their products. Frozen product cannot be ground. Without tempering, protein that is stored frozen will be delivered frozen. The processing plant will then have to thaw the product requiring additional time and storage space; tempered product will arrive immediately ready for processing. Additionally, when product thaws naturally the loss of moisture is much greater than through our controlled tempering process.

● Processed proteins (Chicken Wings, Hamburgers) can also benefit from tempering. The tempering process allows for processed meats to be stored frozen, maximizing shelf life, and through the tempering process arrive at your customers’ location at the perfect temperature for immediate preparation.

● Butter manufacturers use tempering to soften butter which becomes solid when frozen; tempering allows butter to arrive at your customers ready for processing or consumption.

● 战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) offers incubation quality assurance testing. Shelf stable products typically undergo a pasteurization process to remove bacteria extending shelf life. An incubation test places the product at an elevated temperature to verify the pasteurization process.

战雄电竞官网手机版入口(战雄电竞赛事投注) has developed proprietary systems and technology to maintain and change the temperature of all products under our care.

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